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The website moved to another ‚Äčplatform and is experiencing technical issues...missing pages and videos with unrelated videos filled in.


Artist have rights to the material they worked hard for, please don't abuse copying their material.


The Lake Theme will be featured through 2021 due to the restricted allowances of the pandemic. Stream will feature in 2022 . Halloween will not be featured due to it's violent nature

Any kind of Politics will not be featured due to the violence

Visit Your Favorite Artist's Website

Short films are a perfect way to keep income flow going for artist that are have to endure the gaps between gigs.

Donate if you can to struggling artists.

Link Buttons

Some bands are hard to find a websites for but usually down the road they pop up and get added. Websites that do not reflect activity for the current year are too vulnerable and may not be linked.

Mobile Version

Check all audio volume settings to ensure none are peeking especially if you are running through several devices (turn down the device with poor amps turn up the devices with better amps).

Mobile Site

Some cell phones do not refresh right away. To update go to classic then back to mobile.

Website Incomplete

This was a problem with browsers in general... requiring refreshing or deleting old site data.

Self Promoting Artist's

Get a website

Building up of more places for Gigs

Artist needs gigs, gigs need places to perform. Artist need to make a living. Call your favorite artist and sponsor a gig, show your support.

Short Instruction Video

"Everything you can imagine is real." Picasso